About Houston Medi-dent

Houston Medi-dent was founded in Jan 2001 by Dr. Ka-Ron Y. Wade and Freda Epka-Powell.

The vision of the founders was to create an organization that would operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes by:  

  • Providing dental screenings, preventive dentistry and quality dental and health education.
  • Providing screening for diabetes, hypertension and oral screenings for HIV and oral cancer.
  • Health education for diabetes, hypertension, and HIV
  • Health education for chewing tobacco, cigarette smoking for low income or indigent individuals.
  • Mental Health Consultant and Liason


    Dental Services

    • Hundreds showed up as early as 8 a.m. for the recent first come first served free dental clinic at the Dental Fest Houston 2018 in Houston, TX. The annual Houston dental and health screening at Crawford and LaBranch started at 10 a.m and ran through 3 p.m. Because there is a need, Houston Medi-dent addressed the need for dental screenings for the least-served in the Houston community, but also highlighted the painful and health destroying gap between that need and access to dental care. Dr. Ka-Ron Y. Wade and other dentists, hygienists, and suppliers joined with local volunteers to stage the event.

    Health Education

    • Houston Medi-dent believes that the Nonprofits and Community Benefit Organizations located in Harris County will be more effective in meeting the needs of the community if they have a chance to lean on and learn from each other. Providing health care education requires the participation with an alliance of health care education non-profit agencies.  If we keep apprised of the work of others, non-profit agencies can provide adequate health care education in Houston, TX, so that we don’t spend time duplicating, but we do spend time helping the people of Houston to find the right service in the right place.


    • Community Involvement is a long-standing corporate objective. For more than 15 years, Houston Medi-Dent and its volunteers have contributed countless volunteer hours to improve the dental care and health awareness in under-served communities in Houston, TX. Investment in our communities is just one of many ways Houston Medi-dent demonstrates our commitment to being focused on good oral hygiene and health care.  Houston Medi-dent have focused our efforts on developing strong partnerships with the corporate and healthcare-related communities that are closely aligned with our goals.

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