Helping Local Community

The Houston Medi-dent Mobile Unit services are designed to enhance the public
understanding of oral health and the relationship of the mouth to the rest of the body by
providing improved access to dental and health care. These services will be provided to
Houston’s under-served community with no out of pocket cost to our patients. However, lab
charges and specific materials for dental procedures will be billed to Medicaid if and when

Dental services offered through the Houston Medi-Dent Mobile Unit will be provided 75% of the time in addition to other health services. Approximately 45% of all Foundation funds will be allocated for dental services and prevention.

Brie’unna Gonzalez Story


Brie’unna Gonzalez is a high school senior who lost her prosthetic eye during the events of Hurricane Harvey needs help. Her family can’t afford a replacement, so she goes to school everyday worried about being bullied.

When she was two years old, she lost her left eye. Her mom, LaKeisha Monroe, bought her a prosthetic that Gonzalez removes and cleans every night. When flooding near I-10 and Federal chased Monroe, Gonzalez and her four siblings to their roof, they left her $3,000 prosthetic eye. “When the water came up, I was searching for it and I couldn’t find it,” Gonzalez said.

The family searched for three days without any luck. Two years ago, bullies pushed Gonzalez towards the brink of suicide over her eye. Now, she is sad again and goes to school worried what her others will say and do.

Monroe, a single mother with five children, said she cannot afford to buy a replacement.

Helping Our Students Recover


Houston Medi­-Dent remains committed to helping the vulnerable and under-served communities in Houston. Many of the students we provided with school supplies during our recent Dental Festival have been displaced and are in need of replacement supplies as well as school uniforms. We ask that you join in our efforts to aid in recovery for those in need. Please click on the donate now button to give towards these efforts or stop by 2101 Crawford St. Suite 103 to drop off new school uniforms and/or school supplies. We thank you in advance for your support as we help to rebuild and restore our Houston’s youth.

Calvin Johnson Story


Dr. Ka-Ron Wade and Houston Medi-Dent gives Fox 26 viewer a total dental restoration

In late July of 2017, Dr. Ka-Ron Wade visited Fox 26 News to discuss our Annual Houston Dental Festival Hosted Houston Medi-Dent Corporation and Dr. Wade. The Dental Festival provides dental services, medical teachings and immunizations to Houston’s underserved community in a fun-filled setting. During Dr. Wade’s visit, Meteorologist Mike Osowitz mentioned his viewer Calvin Johnson was in need of total dental restoration. Mike and Calvin became friends over shared stories of weather and family events. Mike said Calvin had oral health problems for a very long time.

Dr. Wade welcomed Mr. Johnson to her practice and along with donated funds from Houston Medi-Dent, began the task of restoring his smile. The restoration work started in August of 2017. Dr. Wade was determined to help Mr. Johnson. She felt he was at the threshold of a very serious health issue without her assistance. Mr. Johnson is currently in the initial stages of his restoration and is due for completion in December.

The desire to help our underserved communities was the impetus of Dr. Wade founding Houston Medi-Dent Corporation. The organization solely depends on donations from the public. We take great pride in assist any one we can. If you support us our endeavors to serve the most needed in our city, please donate today.


Health Education

  • Houston Medi-Dent Mobile Unit provides a way for the less fortunate to receive quality dental services, health care education, and mental health consulting referrals.

No Pay

  • Recipients will not be required to pay for services.

Giving Back

  • This is a way to give back to the community that has supported us all.

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